Twenty Twenty Four

What I'm proposing is quite simple. A year in art. Nothing more, nothing less. I want to create: Something generous. Something rewarding. Something long-term. Something that evolves. Something that doesn't extract value.

Why Base?

Once again it's quite simple, fast transactions and low fees.

Every time an update rolls around I'll need to add the art to each token individually, on ETH L1 this would become very expensive very quickly.

How often will you add new works?

The plan is to add new pieces every 3 - 4 months.

What types of work will you add?

Digital abstract paintings.

Really, a whole year?

That is the plan.

I will create many pieces this year and want to share them in a single collection.

I want holders to be able to choose which pieces they want to look at and display.

What is ERC-7160?

Instead of having one piece of art tied to one token, ERC-7160 can be a whole collection of different artworks by connecting to multiple pieces of digital art.

This functionality is what powers TTF. It means I can update each minted token with new works, and increase the amount of art available to holders.