Rebecca Rose

The Mememaker

My camera never lies. An origin story of our favorite memes and the real reason why they always look awkward and uncomfortable. "The Mememaker", 2024, by Rebecca Rose. Open edition digital 3D collage, dimensions: 1080 x 1080 at 110.4mb, duration: 0:39. This piece is in the Transient Labs x Base group release "Be More Based", and is part of my ongoing series "DeepCuts"- 3D collages with depth inspired by songs. Rebecca Rose is an award winning collage artist exploring spatially collaged sculpts. Her 20+ year body of analog, sculptural, holographic, and digital collage has received major artist grants co-sponsored by The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation, The Joan Mitchell Foundation, The Willem de Kooning Foundation, The Andrew Mellon Foundation, The Ford Foundation, and Bloomberg Philanthropic.

How to Be More Based

"How to Be More Based"

  1. Team over individual
  2. Work / create hard
  3. Do the right thing
  4. Be optimistic
  5. Push creative boundaries
  6. Contribute to the culture

"Be More Based" is a commemorative release celebrating the best of memetic culture and Transient Labs' support of the Base ecosystem for all creators.